Srisrividhiya Kalyanasundaram

Artist. Designer. Educator. Writer
India °1980
research interests: aesthetics and philosophy, Ecological Consciousness, Eco-ethics, Eco -philosophy and Eco-aesthetics, Arts Education, Visual Design, Illustration, Earth Education, Conservation, Communication, Art History, Creative Writing, Indian art and aesthetics, Indian philosophy, Ecological consciousness, Eco-philosophy, Eco-art and aesthetics
affiliation: Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, The University of Transdisciplinary Health Sciences and Technology

Srivi Kalyan is an artist, designer, educator, writer and research scholar. She works at the fluid and exciting intersection of arts, media, education, design, environment and self-reflection. Srivi has authored and illustrated several books for children and adults and is an award winning writer and illustrator. She has worked for some of the leading educational/edutainment organizations designing cutting edge books and media for children and young people on one end, and workshops, curriculum, teacher training modules, interdisciplinary design and delivery of curriculums on the other. She is the Founder-Director of Fooniferse Arts Pvt. Ltd. Her personal work can be viewed at


At Srishti Manipal Institute of Art Design and Technology, she encourages students to discover the heart of their own creativity. She is the Associate Dean for M.Des (Masters of Design) and B.Des. Information Arts and Information Design Practices, M.Des Earth Education and Communication the School of Law, Environment and Planning at Srishti. She is currently working on her PhD with Srishti and  The University of Transdisciplinary Health Sciences and Technology and her research focuses on  uncovering intrinsic ecological consciousness through artistic practice.


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