Mireia c. Saladrigues

Finland, Spain (residence) ┬░1978
affiliation: University of the Arts Helsinki - Finnish Arts Academy

Visual artist and researcher at the University of the Arts Helsinki - Finnish Academy of Fine Arts; and TGPE Partner at ╩╝Institut IES Quatre Cantons, Barcelona. DA and MA at the Fine Arts University of Barcelona and PEI by MACBA (Independent Studies Programme by the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona). 


My practice-based research is both an investigation into and a reflection upon the museum (also art gallery, white cube, and art space) as a space of social production, audience formation processes, and the relational systems that artworks set up in regard to the public – in accordance to the specific institutional mechanisms that frame them.

This enquiry, considering the museum as a post-representative space, seeks for ways of dropping the mechanisms of suppression that, as spectators, have been framing the responses and relations with the artworks. Through performative processes as a possible way to deconstruct learned behaviours and internalized patterns, has the aspiration to cajole agency in order for subjectivities to find out if a non-conventional response and an unconventional behaviour could lead into a re-articulation of relations between makers, objects, audiences and museums.


research expositions (collaborated)