Research Pavilion 2017 (last edited: 2018)

Research Pavilion, Florian Dombois, Julie Harboe, Mireia c. Saladrigues, Tero Heikkinen, Mika Elo

About this exposition

This exposition collects together the exhibitions and works presented in the Research Pavilion 2017. The Research Pavilion constitutes a high level critical platform that produces a significant addition to the 57th Venice Biennale by showcasing how universities and academies function today as genuine critical laboratories within contemporary art.
typeresearch exposition
last modified07/09/2018
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affiliationUniversity of the Arts Helsinki
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
connected toUniversity of the Arts Helsinki

Simple Media

id name copyright license
344737 Antitheses_ORIGKUVAKOKO_300 Matthew Cowan CC BY-NC-ND
344736 anettearlander_300 Annette Arlander CC BY-NC-ND
344735 SamivanIngen_origkuvasuhde_300 Sami Van Ingen CC BY-NC-ND
344734 Vincent_Roumagnac Vincent Roumagnac CC BY-NC-ND
344703 Dombois_Artwork Florian Dombois CC BY-NC-ND
344701 Hauntopia_SilviaDasFadas Silvia Das Fadas CC BY-NC-ND
338629 Page_structure University of the Arts Helsinki CC BY-NC-ND
338627 Scroll_structure University of the Arts Helsinki CC BY-NC-ND
338625 Poster_structure University of the Arts Helsinki CC BY-NC-ND
338490 RP_trans_small Research pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
358177 Saladrigues_mireia_The-Non-Imaginary-Museum_National-Museum-of-Modern-and-Contemporary-Art-Korea_Mario_Santamaria_2013-2015_web_origkuvasuhde_300 Mario Santamaria CC BY-NC-ND
360232 saladelcamino_RP_8 Jan Kaila CC BY-NC-ND
386514 Becoming disabled Liisa Jaakonaho & Kristiina Junttila CC BY-NC-ND
386516 jakarta_laps_langenbach_300 Zhong Hao CC BY-NC-ND
386527 charp5 Simo Kellokumpu CC BY-NC-ND
386530 jana_300 Jana Unmüßig CC BY-NC-ND
386532 Venezia_Serge_von_Arx-2010-03-20_300 Serge von Arx CC BY-NC-ND
387646 camino Research Pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
387647 camino Research pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
387677 entrance Uniarts Helsinki / Tero Heikkinen CC BY-NC-ND
387681 conference Uniarts Helsinki / Tero Heikkinen CC BY-NC-ND
387686 camino_numbers Research Pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
387791 caminodark Research Pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
387792 caminodark Research Pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
387793 caminolight_fix Research pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
387796 Entrance_night1 Uniarts Helsinki Tero Heikkinen CC BY-NC-ND
387799 item_4 Research pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
388233 item_2 Research pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
388236 item_5 Research Pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
388238 item_6 Research Pavilion / Rincon-Gallardo CC BY-NC-ND
388239 item_4 Research Pavilion / Moira Hille CC BY-NC-ND
388241 item_2 Research Pavilion / Zosia Holubowska CC BY-NC-ND
388242 item_5 Research Pavilion / Zsuzsi Flohr CC BY-NC-ND
388244 item_10_q Research Pavilion / Aline Benecke CC BY-NC-ND
388248 item_14 Research Pavilion / Keiko Uenishi CC BY-NC-ND
388260 item_1 Research pavilion / Katalin Erdodi CC BY-NC-ND
388262 item_3 Research pavilion / Hristina Ivanovska CC BY-NC-ND
388265 item_7 Research pavilion / Rafal Morusiewicz CC BY-NC-ND
388267 item_8 Research pavilion / Janine Jembere CC BY-NC-ND
388269 item_11 Research pavilion / Ruth Jernbekova CC BY-NC-ND
388271 item_12 Research pavilion / Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski CC BY-NC-ND
388277 item_9 Research pavilion / Masha Godovannaya & Silvia das Fadas CC BY-NC-ND
388316 item_12s Research Pavilion / Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski CC BY-NC-ND
391897 RP17_YouGottaSayYes_Roumagnac_06_2 Vincent Roumagnac CC BY-NC-ND
391907 RP17_YouGottaSayYes_Saladrigues_01_2 Mireia c. Saladrigues CC BY-NC-ND
391908 RP17_YouGottaSayYes_Alves_03_2 Andre Alves CC BY-NC-ND
391909 RP17_YouGottaSayYes_Baibulat_04_2 Niran Baibulat CC BY-NC-ND
391910 RP17_YouGottaSayYes_BullMiletic_01_2 Bull.Miletic CC BY-NC-ND
391911 RP17_YouGottaSayYes_Khosravi-Leon-Rosales_05_2 Behzad Khosravi-Noori & Rene Leon-Rosales CC BY-NC-ND
391912 RP17_YouGottaSayYes_Weinmayr_06_2 Eva Weinmayr CC BY-NC-ND
391913 RP17_YouGottaSayYes_Sacks_04_2 Stacey Sacks CC BY-NC-ND
391914 RP17_YouGottaSayYes_Sambolec_03_2 Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec CC BY-NC-ND
391915 societybaby_ccbyebye_andrea_sinem_yougottasayyes4 Andrea Coyotzi Borja & Sinem Kayacan CC BY-NC-ND
391920 planview Tero Heikkinen CC BY-NC-ND
395383 accessingperformance5 Annette Arlander CC BY-NC-ND
395388 mara_lee R. Thord CC BY-NC-ND
395391 Open_Access Research Pavilion CC BY-NC-ND
395394 KKH_open access_ Affisch5_sistakorr Research Pavilion / KKH CC BY-NC-ND
395396 KKH_open access_ Affisch_Insida Research Pavilion / KKH CC BY-NC-ND
395913 emanueld Emanuel Almborg CC BY-NC-ND
395917 researchintensive Mara Ambrožic CC BY-NC-ND
395919 poster_lost_in_the_former_west Research Pavilion / Contemporary Research Intensive CC BY-NC-ND
396332 Nyberg Lisa Nyberg CC BY-NC-ND
397618 giudeccab2017 Heikki Uimonen CC BY-NC-ND
397623 sarn sarn CC BY-NC-ND
398048 baibulat2 Niran Baibulat CC BY-NC-ND

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