Paulo Luís Almeida

research interests: drawing, performance, Teaching
affiliation: University of Porto, Faculty of Fine Arts / i2ADS - Research Institute in Art, Design and Society

Paulo Luis Almeida is an Associate Professor at the University of Porto, Faculty of Fine Arts, and a researcher at i2ADS - Research Institute in Art, Design and Society.

A few years ago, he began to perform small anonymous interventions which were usually mistaken for everyday life gestures. These interventions were focused on the domestic space of the house and street where he lived; they were never advertised and usually poorly documented. He then realized he could also draw and paint to avoid the public exposure of the performances and to escape the impossibility of carrying them out; that drawing could be an equally stimulating way of thinking, making and documenting them.
This relationship between performance contexts and drawing practice began to contaminate his work, a continuous visual essay around micro-narratives of everyday life (some of which have no other intention than to invent fables and inscribe them in a quotidian experience). The work, which extends through drawings, paintings and performance, is defined by very simple notions: the narrative notion of test; the displacement of everyday life gestures; the transference of actions between performance and social contexts.


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