Greta Pundzaite

About this exposition

I'M NOT FROM HERE is a journey to the sensory depths of memory, early years of life and associated rituals. A piece of text in two languages (one of which is Lithuanian, the mother tongue and the original language of the text) is presented along with the physical shape of named memories and sensorial experience of the text. 212 km railroad line connecting child's home with adult's one becomes the map of 2 hours 30 minutes lasting journey of thoughts.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsartboard, poetry, sensory memory
last modified17/03/2021
share statuspublic
copyrightGreta Pundzaite (Editor: Giedrė Junčytė)
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inResearch Catalogue

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1169569 Artboard | Railroad | Šiauliai - Vilnius Greta Pundzaite CC BY-NC-ND
1169694 I'm not from here | poem (2020, autumn) Greta Pundzaite All rights reserved
1169696 Title Greta Pundzaite CC BY-NC-ND
1169700 Aš ne iš čia | poema (2020, ruduo) Greta Pundzaite All rights reserved
1169709 Sentimental Journey | title Greta Pundzaite CC BY-NC-ND
1171837 Railway scheme | Geležineklių schema Lietuvos geležinkeliai | Almantas Stackevičius Public domain
1171842 A car Greta Pundzaite CC BY-NC-ND
1171877 Driving directions TopoNavi 2021 Public domain
1171883 Driving directions | signs Greta Pundzaite CC BY-NC-ND
1171910 A train Greta Pundzaite CC BY-NC-ND
1171963 a train 2 Greta Pundzaite CC BY-NC-ND
1173538 Artboard 2 | Railroad | Šiauliai - Vilnius Greta Pundzaite CC BY-NC-ND
1173561 Traukinys 2 Greta Pundzaite CC BY-NC-ND
1194550 black space Greta Pundzaite CC BY-NC-ND

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