Greta Pundzaite

Portugal (residence), Lithuania (citizenship) °1994
research interests: Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Movement, Theatre, Dance, Socio-cultural Communication, Cognitive processes
affiliation: Faculty of Fine Arts; Centre of Theatre Studies (School of Arts and Humanities), University of Lisbon (Portugal) | “Social Cognitive Neuroscience” lab (Department of Medicine and Surgery – Unit of Neuroscience), University of Parma (Italy)

Greta Pundzaite (b.1994, Lithuania) is an emerging artist and a researcher writing in and for experimental physical/dance theatre. With academic and professional backgrounds in the fields of communication and information sciences, cinema, dance and physical theatre, built in home country Lithuania, Croatia and current living country Portugal, Greta's work leads to the practice of transdisciplinary research-based creation techniques and the use of symbiosis between multi-layered academic and creative. A PhD student in Arts at the University of Lisbon at the moment, Greta joined contemporary dance studios at the preschool age, graduated from arts-reinforcing high-school in Lithuania, in 2017 started her studies of Creative Communication and became a member of VU Physical Theatre where she studied and worked with performance along with choreography and various established movement techniques as well as experimental movement and (contact)improvisation. Theatre's work was presented and received awards in festivals in Lithuania, Canada, Colombia and Morocco. 


Greta was 2 times awarded Traveling Studentship Grant and was studying in the Academy of Dramatic Art as well as in the Faculty of Political Sciences in the University of Zagreb (Croatia)and in the Theatre and Film School as well as the School of Communication and Media Studies in Lisbon (Portugal). She was also awarded the Travelling Postgraduate Grant for an internship at the cinema production company “Rosa Filmes” (Lisbon, Portugal). 


Her current projects circulate around body language and the study of its potential. 


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