“It’s probably just me”: The Literacies of Pervasive Sound Narratives (2015)

Elizabeth Evans

About this exposition

This article explores how The Memory Dealer reveals the multiple literacies at stake in pervasive, transmedia, multimodal drama that open up new relationships between player, text, technology and space. In contrast to much scholarship on digital and media literacy, which focuses on children, the focus here is on adults who are already well versed in a range of media-related literacies, including “new” forms such as videogames and digital media, but are simultaneously not “digital natives”. Three specific forms of literacy emerge: narrative, technological and geographical-logistical. When participants came across moments of difficulty with these literacies, they articulated this failure as a form of personal inadequacy. At the same time, key diegetic components such as music, setting and performance aided their re-learning of how to locate and understand TMD’s narrative.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsPervasive drama, literacy, sound literacy, narrative, mobile devices, audiences
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published inJournal of Sonic Studies
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