Making Histories: Pluriverse Perspectives on Fashion & Textile Design Studies, Contributions from Year Two students (AY 2021/22) (2023)

Shanna Soh, Bessel Bijtelaar, Sophia Bogstedt, Elke Cloin, Julia Groven, Wassim Hodayebi, Peter Wertmann, Asira Wiegers, Ziah Siyu Zhang, Leva Drobenkaitė, Azul Espirito Santo, Lotte Roelandse, Neele Verhees, Emma Verrijt

About this exposition

Co-created with Year 2 students from the department of Fashion & Textile of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) as part of the end of year assignment for the subject of Fashion & Textile History, this exposition combines academic and practice-based research as a contribution to existing discourse on Fashion and Textile design studies. This exhibition showcases a spectrum of research from constructivistic perspectives. Contributions range from those which highlighted the politics of identity in the design canon of fashion and textiles; to attempts to resurrect lost crafts; to addressing the importance of designers being able to move beyond the role of being a maker operating on figuratively isolated islands, towards that which operates more as a hub of human connections in socially-engaged and socially-responsible ways. In order to preserve the ephemeral nature of students' explorations in art & design education setting and in the spirit of Arturo Escobar's vision on the Pluriverse, students are given the freedom to propose their topic of choice and to deepen their knowledge as independently as possible. Guidance was given only when sought. In line with retaining the integrity of students' works, no interventions were made to student' contributions in this exhibition. Author / Curator Shanna Soh ; Co-creators Ieva Drobenkaitė, Azul Espirito Santo, Lotte Roelandse, Neele Verhees, Emma Verrijt, Bessel Bijtelaar, Sophia Bogstedt, Elke Cloin, Julia Groven, Wassim el Hodayebi, Patryk Ochmanski, Timour Bonin, Peter Wertmann, Asira Zai, Ziah Siyu Zhang
typeresearch exposition
keywordsfashion and textile art, Fashion History, fashion design, co-creation, Critical Fashion Practice, Design Studies, Fashion Theory
last modified22/08/2023
share statuspublic
affiliationRoyal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK)
copyrightShanna Soh & Year Two students from KABK Fashion & Textile 21/22
licenseAll rights reserved
published inResearch Catalogue

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