Where are the Ears of the Machine? Towards a sounding micro-temporal object-oriented ontology (2015)

Morten Riis

About this exposition

Drawing on micro-temporal media archaeology paired with object-oriented ontology, this paper will develop new ideas regarding non-human conceptualizations of sounding media, memory, time, and sound objects. Studying the way in which music machines collect and store auditory data enables us to get closer to the inner functioning and self-reflections of our sounding apparatuses, creating alternative perspectives on mediated representation and the various temporal processes unfolding within technology. Thus an interweaving of object-oriented ontology and media archaeology is unfolded, taking its starting point in a practical engagement with electro-magnetic recording devices which execute what could be described as applied ontology, something that generates awareness of the moment when media themselves become active archaeologists of knowledge.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsobject-oriented ontology, media archaeology, carpentry, memory, time, object-oriented ontology, media archeology, carpentry, memory, time
last modified28/10/2015
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published inJournal of Sonic Studies
portal issue10. Issue 10

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