What do the urban soundscapes of a city represent? Case studies in Bangkok and Hong Kong / 都市聲音有何個性? 考察曼谷和香港之城市聲景 (2016)

KA HO CHEUNG, Marcel Cobussen

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Urban soundscapes convey the cultural codes, history and collective memory of a society. Bangkok and Hong Kong are two open societies in Southeast Asia, within which local and imported auditory cultures co-exist, correlating to the demographics, cultural heritage, and recent geopolitical, economic and social transformations. Nevertheless, studies of their distinctive sonic phenomena are underrepresented in the field of sound studies. Encompassing street music, ritual activities, boxing matches, fresh produce markets, shopping arcades, commuting systems and various public spaces in Bangkok and Hong Kong, this article introduces case studies and contextualizes some distinct urban soundscapes, employing first-hand audio footage, as an initial pathway for building an auditory acquaintance with the region. 城市聲景蘊含社會的文化符號,歷史與集體回憶。曼谷和香港乃東南亞之開放城市,其本土與外來的聽覺文化並存,繫於族群分佈,文化傳承,地緣正治,社會經濟的演變。然而,聲音研究暫未對此題目有廣泛涉獵。有鑑於此,本文收納兩城市之街頭音樂,祭祀活動,鮮活市場,運輸系統,商場,拳賽,運輸系統,公共空間,就其聲景設案考察,為充實東南亞之聽覺智識引路。
typeresearch exposition
keywordsurban, soundscape, hong kong, bangkok, street music, morlam, fresh market, macau
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published inJournal of Sonic Studies
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