VOICE and the UNKNOWN (last edited: 2019)

Nordic Network for Vocal Performance Research
Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano, Misha Penton, Björn Ross, Felicia Konrad
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The aim of this artistic research symposium is to allow for VOICE to act as a guide into the UKNOWN. Through an entangled mish-mash of intra-active events (performances, installations, workshop and seminars) participants will be invited to explore the potential power of VOICE and its impact on the UNKNOWN or ’that-which-is-yet-to-be-known’. In 17th century Venetian academic circles VOICE was considered to be a symbol of NOTHINGNESS (Calcagno 2003). VOICE was also the primary tool in the creation of the opera genre (Belgrano 2011). Questions driving the event include: how can we understand VOICE in contemporary every day performances, based on both sensuous and intellectual knowledge? What specific vocal features will emerge if we allow VOICE to be the guide into the UNKNOWN aspects of life and living? The symposium will be staged as the first one out of three events, allowing for the project to eventually grow into an international platform for Vocal Performance Philosophy, based at IAC. This first event is a seed highlighting the significance of the theme; the second event will be presented as an intra-active performance-workshop; the final event will be organised as an international symposia. The symposium is curated by Nordic Network for Vocal Performance Research (https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/399282/399283), Nordic Network for Early Opera (http://www.earlyopera.org), and Network for Performance Philosophy (https://performancephilosophy.ning.com/about).
typeresearch exposition
keywordsvoice, Unknow, Nothingness, Flow, Movement, New Materialism, intra-action, entanglement, mish-mash, event
last modified15/11/2019
statusin progress
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affiliationInter Arts Center, Malmö/ Lund University
copyrightNNVPR 2019
licenseAll rights reserved
external linkhttps://www.iac.lu.se

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