Björn Ross

Visual art, early opera, video, installation, performance
Denmark (residence), Sweden (citizenship) °1957
affiliation: Nordic Network for Early Opera, Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival, KoncertKirken


research expositions

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works (collaborated)

  • GLORIES to NOTHINGNESS- a performance-installation (05/01/2015)
    Event: Performance, artist(s)/author(s): Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano, Björn Ross
    GLORIES TO NOTHINGNESS is an explorative performance-installation part of an artistic research project investigating the performative/transformative act of moving between Vocalizing ≈ Articulating ≈ Mattering ≈ Trusting. Musical fragments composed by Luigi Rossi (c. 1597 – 1653), Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) and Francesco Sacrati (1605-1650) are intra-actively diffracted throughout the project. Glories to Nothingness is staged through nine open research laboratories based on Belgrano’s doctoral thesis from 2011, defended at the Academy of Music and Drama, Univ. of Gothenburg. (This dissertation was the first one presented in the newly established academic research field of Performance in Theatre and Music Drama in Sweden). Each open laboratory presents as a ‘spacetime’ always part of other instants and realities. Every movement, utterance and articulation performed within each ‘spacetime’ is consciously honoring Nothingness as an idea and a concept much debated at the time when the first public opera productions were performed in Venice around 1640.