Composing Composing Instruments (2024)

Tijs Ham

About this exposition

This exposition aims to provide insights into my artistic practice and research 'Tipping Points', working within the field of live electronics and focusing on the exploration of tipping points in chaotic processes. The activities associated with my practice are profoundly interdisciplinary and include designing and buildinginstruments, composing artistic works for these instruments, and performing with them. Each of these aspects are interlaced and equally important in the development of new artistic works. The preface details my process in the production of new artistic works. Then the text details my thoughts on the term comprovisation and how it informs my approaches to the development of my work. Then the focus shifts to describe how my use of chaotic processes turns instruments into actant technologies which has important consequences on both my performance practice and instrument design. These insights are then illustrated through reflections on my work Multiple Minds, concluding that the instrument itself is actively composing, while at the same time, the act of designing and building an instrument can be viewed as composing.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsComprovisation, Live-electronics, Agency, instrument design, reflection
last modified06/07/2024
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affiliationUniverity of Bergen
copyrightTijs Ham
licenseAll rights reserved
languageAmerican English
published inResearch Catalogue

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748399 Multiple Minds (Excerpts) Tijs Ham All rights reserved
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748638 Tapage - Multiple Minds Tijs Ham All rights reserved
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748654 MM Spectrum Tijs Ham All rights reserved
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