Simona Žemaitytė

(Ex)positions of Doctoral Researchers in Art & Design at Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2021

Every year doctoral candidates of Vilnius Academy of Arts present their practice as research in exhibitions and other professional events. In 2021 due to Covid uncertainties instead of physical exhibition, expositions at the Research Catalogue were developed and published. They present individual artistic research positions by mostly 2nd and 3rd year candidates. In our doctoral programme creative practice is equal to research one. This programme is running since 2011 and this year marks 10 years anniversary.
We are grateful to Michael Schwab for  series of facilitating workshops and helpful review process. You are welcome to dive into the expositions which lay-out positions of artists and designers.

dr. Vytautas Michelkevičius

Head of Doctoral Programme in the Arts

Austėja Platūkytė

Valentinas Klimašauskas


Robertas Narkus


Ieva Baltrenaitė


Jelena Škulienė


Karolina Jašinskaitė


Liucija Kvašytė

Martyna Bikulčiūtė


Marija Puipaitė

Jan Glöckner


Marta Frėjutė


Arturas Bukauskas