(Ex)positions of Doctoral Researchers in Art and Design at Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2021 (last edited: 2023)

Ieva Baltrenaite, ARTURAS BUKAUSKAS, Martyna Bikulciute, Marija Puipaitė, Liucija Kvašytė, Jan Georg J.G. Glöckner, Vytautas Michelkevicius, Austeja Platukyte, Simona Zemaityte, Valentinas Klimasauskas, Marta Frejute, Karolina Jašinskaitė, Robertas Narkus, Jelena Škulis
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About this exposition

Every year doctoral candidates of Vilnius Academy of Arts present their practice as research in exhibitions and other professional events. This year due to Covid uncertainties instead of physical exhibition, expositions at Research Catalogue were developed. They present individual artistic research positions by 2nd and 3rd year candidates. We are grateful to Michael Schwab for facilitating workshop and helpful review process. You are welcome to dive into the expositions which lay-out positions of artists and designers. dr. Vytautas Michelkevičius
typeresearch exposition
keywordsartistic research, VDA, Vilnius Academy of the Arts
last modified09/06/2023
statusin progress
share statuspublic
affiliationVIlnius Academy of Arts Lithuania
copyrightVDA Dokturantura
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
external linkhttps://jan-gloeckner.com/

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