Knowing about the organization of my body






Knowing how to examine


The state that I find myself in




Investigating different scales of effort


Coupled with muscle tension zero somewhere else in the body




Knowing how to direct my own process




Knowing how to make


Small adjustments deep in my psyche


Not disturbing the surface




Knowing how to read the perceptual coding of the body


Reading the code and hacking in the code


Undoing the code


Reading the memory of receiving


Forming with that [inaudible] recreation


Becoming more specific


Making adaptations






Knowing how to activate


The absent




Allowing for rigour




Knowing how to resist




Knowing how to relate to objects


Myself as object




Knowing how to do things with words and words with things




Knowing how to be a different myself




Noticing the similarities between different poles as I investigate them solo






Knowing how to hold the concept in the body


Knowing how to let the concept go


And allowing it to be there


Not holding it


Not fixing it




Minimal tension






Knowing how to surf in the relations






Becoming imprecise




Knowing form and knowing deviation


Sometimes deviating


Knowing after








Combing the shifting landscape with the body


With ideas




Knowing how to oscillate between different modes of






Feeling thinking doing






It ain’t no trap without the honey










And recognizing different sensations in my body


Like this small bubbely feeling or feeling small bubbles


That I associate with the duet form of the Manipulations


Have arisen after the shaking


From the shaking




Knowing how to








Knowing about precision
















Knowing how to auto-effect with rigour












Knowing how to relax the brow and still think






Investigating the complexity


Of bodily forms and activities




Failing in my attempt to recreate






Beginning to feel the imprint of the duet form into my solo practice


And also feeling a sense of training in the solo practice


Having a sense of training




Knowing how to


Think with the breathing


To think through the breathing


I have forgotten all about the breathing


Knowing how to differentiate the body






Knowing how to study the detail






Not wanting to stop






Knowing how to experience or draw on  


The embodiment of memory in the sense of


The embeddedness or physicality of experience






Memory or technique almost as a


An organ of the body




Research score with 'know-how'. Voices: Joa Hug, Paula Kramer & Josh Rutter


Audio (headphones recommended)

Proposition Two: Do Words with Things