Manipulations-Research score with 'difference'.

Voices: Outi Condit, Joa Hug, Riikka T. Innanen, Tashi Iwaoka, Paula Kramer & Josh Rutter



Audio (headphones recommended)

Proposition Four: Articulate Difference







What’s changed?








Feels like




By different touches


Indeed different touch creates different


Is changing the




Ontology altogether


Quality or texture






Receiving a different type of touch changes the way I think


And create thought




How am I conditioned in terms of generating thought?




What’s the difference between reflecting on


The condition prevailing


And the abstract?










What if I refuse?


What if I refuse


Can I call my elbows            


To harness my thoughts?




And my knees my elbows?


What’s the difference?


Yes I can!           




Can this lead to a way of thinking


Or is it exercising me away from




Ongoing relationship






Have I become an object?


I’ve always been an object






Am I a collection of different objects?


Am I




Is it still a vain practice?


In between


What’s the same?


Things with things and fluids made out of things




Molecular structures






Can things have empathy?


Can thing be thinking?


Can things feel?


Is feeling a thing?




Can an object body transcend duality?


What’s the difference?




Having someone’s touch really enforces my limitation of my knowledge


A certain practice


And indeed this is a meeting of two different habits








What shall I call it?


Anyway it’s a mutual exchange


Exchange in real-time


My body condition is different


What’s the difference if this is ‘rain’ and not ‘Manipulations’?


It’s changing my way of thinking




Can I


Can I get this much efficiency of developing my way of


Different way of thinking when I do with my own research score?




And what’s the difference between duo and solo?




Can I really imagine so appropriate


Or appropriated way


The other body?




This touch of Josh




Is not my imagination


Does that mean I can’t imagine this touch?




Is it completely impossible to imagine the other?




I usually can’t get this much of thought




Is it happening just because it’s Josh who is manipulating?




So if I’m being manipulated


Is it still me talking?




It must have a certain effect who is touching




Is it




Are we talking?


Are we the manipulated being talking?


Are we couples




Are we all talking?


Or am I God talking?


Josh talking through us?


I tried




to fit in my recreation on top of this tactile manipulation and I get


My recreation got nearly almost lost


It’s so weak


It’s weak




What’s the difference between what I imagine and what is?


Oh God


Oh Jesus Christ


It’ll be different this time




Touching or moving through the in-between


It’s just


It’s become so






Is it really Tashi and Josh doing the Manipulations?


Or is it something that the name doesn’t capture?


Whatever this is


We’re both doing it




Or are we doing different things?




Are Tashi and I really touching right now?




Are we just hacking a survival mechanism that privileges being together?




Are we just playing out a recombination of mammalian potentials?




Is a body populated by more intensities more differentiated?




One key is in the form




Or is differentiation a necessary condition for intensities to inhabit the body?




Is the research score a sub-species or its own animal?




Is it reproductively isolated from the Manipulations?




Is it different enough?




Your voice enters my system


Your blood does not


Your flesh is different from my flesh






What if we got blood transfusions from each other and then did the research score?




I feel


Human intentionality behind the touch






Can I shift my perception?




Does a reflexive practice like the research score have a chance of transmission


Or does its self-awareness


Preclude that?




Does the artistic research environment render practices barren


In terms of


Not reproductive?




The difference of touch


Differentiation of skin




In a totally different state of being








What’s the relationship between confidence and embodiment?




Here-ness and embodiment?




Faithful and betrayal


Intricately interwoven