I allow for my mind to be blank




The hissing breathing is immediately taking my body to a state of relaxation


Feeling the cells


Tingling everywhere in my body


The heavy weight




Attention constantly moves




I move as if being moved




Elongating my body [inaudible]         

                         There’s a clear relationality






Minimal effort


Reducing muscle tension


Detailed physical [inaudible]




Memory and imagination


Something has happened before and I am reliving it




I feel the coldness of the floor on my skin


And there is an impossibility to relive that exactly as before






A predefined form from within to work

Do I need it?




Partially stretching


Partially releasing




It’s repeatable






Opening my lungs and upper torso


Dealing with breath


Fear of


How much can I breathe opening up the joints




My attention is with sensation especially on the outbreath








What’s the relationship between particular repeatability and singularity?




Attending also to words forming with meaning




Certain sensory systems are put at rest like


Sense of balance


If you have your eyes closed vision




And other sensory systems are activated






Lifting and compressing




The breath again pacing words






Pacing movement






Hip joint












Physical passivity in a sense


In a muscular sense




Active release




Imagining weight




Facing fear and claustrophobia


From a specific manipulation




Resting bones




Replacing weight with tension or with effort


Replacing weight with effort




Memory of touch connected to imagined touch




Rhythm and regularity


Keeping track


But also always slightly losing track




Talk                               Rhythm




Something is happening to me




Something is being done to me




Something is allowed to happen


I am doing something




Being taken to certain limit points






Of movement activity from the feet to my head










Of difference




Simplicity and sense




Slightly boring state of mind




Fragments of attention


Tough dream




Preparatory practice




The question of alteration






Why are things done?




A means of patterning to change the habitual patterns




Scanning through the body from top to bottom


With a feeling of knowledge and wisdom behind why this movement and where that may lead


Replacing habits with other habits


Extending the repertoire of habits


Producing angles with my body




Realigning sensing, perceiving and reflecting




Lifting the weight of my legs from the floor




Trying to imagine another body






Facing the nodes of tension in my body






Making quite small


Compact form






Working diagonally




Working with parts of my body and now shaking the whole body


The mass and the weight of the internal organs


Very different from the rest




What’s gonna be taking part?


What’s gonna be left behind?










I cannot press my knees down like another person does




Small shifts






The whole spine




Playing with the weight of the planet


Remembering the floor






[inaudible]             Even with my sore lungs [inaudible]






Thinking from the awareness of being touched




How not to force




Remembering the future


Open torso


Inviting touch




Shift of mind changes the shift of the weight


And the shift of the focus shifts the weight






Will and


Thinking are put at a distance from each other




It feels we are accessing the deep nervous system


Both of the nervous systems


But on a deep level






Moving not moving






Vibrating entirely






Teaching the sensory receptors not to panic


But to stay calm




What is the logic carried in going from one position to another?


What is the combined effect of those?






Which part of the brain has now a lower activity?






Distributing tension






Immediating sensing and thinking






Taking time to feel the global effect of local actions


Proposition Six: Extend the Repertoire of Habits

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Voices: Outi Condit, Joa Hug, Riikka T. Innanen, Paula Kramer & Josh Rutter



Audio (headphones recommended)