Proposition Five: Repeat

Research score with 'difference'.

Voices: Outi Condit, Joa Hug, Riikka T. Innanen, Tashi Iwaoka, Paula Kramer & Josh Rutter



Audio (headphones recommended)


What is the body that’s


That becomes


Through this practice?


Or whose body?


Dancer’s body?






If my body is articulated in a particular way, it’s not articulated in a different way


So it’s a matter of exclusion also, maybe, is it?








Manipulations separating my body parts


Differentiating them from each other








My body or experience comes into being in relationship. It doesn’t exist on its own terms






Becoming for


Becoming for something






Differentiation allows for this joy of movement to emerge


Somewhere between the cracks




Spaces in between




Movement can enter and movement can exit




Bundles of relations






This is not this is not that


Not that




It’s not that we pass the torch from one person to the next, but rather that one person lights their torch off someone else’s






I never had thought, I never had this thought before that how many bodies are here and how are they doing differently the research score?




Different bodies come available through different practices


How many bodies can I become?




The generosity of multitude


The generosity of differentiation enabling new combinations


Multiple variations














What are the politics of this body that becomes articulated through these relations and these practices?








More embodied or differently embodied?








Politics of proliferation










Difference of touch resonates








Politics of ability




Politics of negotiation




Different abilities




On a different track




Existing simultaneously




Being assisted in differentiation




The other




What does the inclusion exclude?




What kind of bodies are inhabiting this space or dialogue?










What kind of bodies could inhabit and take part in this dialogue?




The depth of a joint




The differences of the thirty-somethings




Politics of transmission or example setting or contemplation




Politics of knowledge


                                     The power structures of knowledge and more knowledge




Group contemplation






Sensing tension in the joint




The limits of differentiation








How does my thought differ when I talk or when I don't?




Space of independence or collective individuation




How does my thought change in a body that is warm and supple


Able and warmed up for movement?




Diagonal interconnections










Tangential sensing-feeling














The right to do








Is it discipline or desire?












Cosy incommensurability






If somebody doesn't want to


Be embodied


Should we then democratically all stop being embodied?






Could somebody please take me apart?








Thank you






What is this ‘my’ body?




We share energy


We share temperature


We adjust to each other, but we don't share blood


We don’t share fluids




We don't share strategies for recreation




We don’t share viewpoints from with inside my eyes


Or my hips


Or my toes


But we share osmosis




Magnetic field of the heart


That alternates how---that alters how I think, I think


I think, I think


I think, I think




Are we sharing the same time?






Can I copy you?


Can I start thinking like you, if I copy you?




Thinking as if






My pelvic bones speak to me right now, quite loudly




My legs are singing


Together with my arms


A choir 




My body is dreaming






The torso


Remains sitting in the corner with me




How could you do this?






I imagine that my cells are in a quantum state


Both vibrating and still






If I imagine movement and articulation, I'm free of constraints






I remember


I imagine




I re-imagine






You remember me


Remember me differently