And also shifting from active to passive




Allowing for the contradiction of activity




And passive






Repercussion of alteration






What is recreation?


What if I tense exactly where the moment previously I let go?






A different beast




Alteration is vanishing




Recreating an impossibility




Allowing tension and enjoying tension




And then


Letting Go






Alteration can create a kind of longing








I am very clearly doing this






Is the space changing?




How is the space changing?




Altering my experience with every recreation


Becoming more detailed






Involuntary Movement




Voluntary Movement




Busy with precision




At the same time to breathe into the leg








Recreating focus




Recovering focus




Back on safer territory




Procedures become familiar




Having come from




Having been birthed by




Doing without holding




Forgetting why I should need tension




Recognizing this form as its own




Recreate the form and imagine my hands




Alteration is a gradual and continuously shifting process




It’s a concrete puzzle




An impossibility




Recreating an unknown Which sensation?






What’s the connect---


How does


How does the Manipulation connect to the rest of the body?




How am I connecting?


Do I need to?




Is that a false model?




Can I use the floor?


Can the floor give me a series?




What role do the hands play here?






How can the floor that supports my arms


Stimulate my legs?




How the sensations organized?






Are they framing each other?


Are they intermixing chaotically?




Am I grounding through a particular sensation?




Suddenly have a lot of options


Because so much of my body touches the floor




There’s intimate space between the body and the floor


This membrane


Can give the Manipulations




Can be the Manipulations




Multiple points of entry


Of leverage




The Manipulations are a series of circles shaped by the floor and bones




There is a clear logic here




Circles on bones






There is pleasure housed within an imaginary structure




All gestures are


Grounded in the floor




Which sensation do I lead with here?




The honey-trap asks me the question if the




The floor can pull me into it




Do you ride the pleasure


Or is the pleasure housed?




Do I do it


Or does it?




In the end you only have the ground to answer to




Practice as object




My body and the practice speak to one another


Without going through me




How can more of the floor give me this?




Am I doing this?




All attempts answer to the floor




Then who is talking?




The floor holds me in many ways












How much self do you put back into it?




It’s like density


It’s modulation of density




Our self is just a matter of densities




Density of self


Density of practice


Density of body




They loosen up a bit


They mesh together








Res extensa




Quantum melding




I feel like I’m part of the floor now




Every touch is a deflection


Is a joining




Where am I?














How much does it need?




Giving and receiving




Is it still the self that enacts perception?




Who is enacted?


What is enacted?




Who enacts the recreation?




Where to give less and where to give more?




To give over




When is the giving


Becoming perceived as something enforced?




Allowing the self to get in touch




‘Honey trap’ is everywhere




The trap of the self




See myself








To give up


To give over


To give away


To give in




To surrender


Going with variation


The self is retreating




To the place of observation




It’s there in the memory


And it’s there in imagination




Do I do it or does it?




The self is recreating its own disappearance




The paradox is that the self is on retreat and at the same time it expands into the space




Back on safer territory




Dressed as the other




Where am I?








Alteration is a gradual and continuously shifting process




It’s a concrete puzzle




No original practice


No original self




Then who is talking?














Proposition Three: Create Multiple Points of Entry

Research scores (cross-cut/cross-edited) with 'alteration', 'touch', 'giving', 're-creation', 'connection', 'self'.

Voices: Joa Hug, Paula Kramer & Josh Rutter

Audio (headphones recommended)