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Research score with 'translation'.

Voices: Outi Condit, Joa Hug, Riikka T. Innanen, Tashi Iwaoka, Paula Kramer & Josh Rutter



(headphones recommended)



We are translating the research score into a recording studio




Same but different




What is important?




The memory of the weight going through


Pressing my hand


Feeling the intense sensation of the floor


I can remember that






Weight through the body




Articulated by the presence of others








What moves across?








How does touch come to me


Or how does it become legible?




What resists?


What are the conditions?


Negotiating hands amongst other hands when there normally is no hands




Tangential touch




I’m translating the research score into my bodymind




My body is translating the memory of touch into


Sensation of the movement








What’s the difference between


Translation and articulation?


Or translation and re-articulation?




I don’t even know what I’m asking




I am constantly translating unformed thoughts into language




What remains un-translatable?






What happens when that which is intelligible


Becomes or moves over to become legible?


Or is it that that moves---




Or something else that moves?


The context moves?


Translations can result in something completely different




It creates completely new liberties


Maybe not completely new


But liberties




So if my body is an object


A thing


How can it translate?




If this is a translation, where is the original?




Does a translation imply an original?


That was my question




Different materialities










Von den Füßen in den Kopf


Vom Kopf in den Mund




Translating imagination into sensation and movement




Translating mind into body




Is translation possible without dualism and dichotomy?




Where is the boundaries drawn?


What’s excluded?




My own memory of giving




What becomes excessive?






Are you responsible for how you are translated?




And if so


To whom?




Are you not responsible?




What happens when I allow myself to do this wrong?




Am I doing it halfway through or am I creating a yet new?




Is it me


Or a memory of me?




How important is the form of practice


Having the body change?




Can we open up the practice?




Without losing it




Breaking it      




Finding a way


When do I feel faithful and when do I feel divergent?




Little production machines




Can I free myself from the grid?








Can even the gap in-between be capitalized upon?           




Can promiscuity become a research tactic?




Curiosity overtakes form




The possibilities of the body


In movement


In space




Translating signals


Minimal signals






Touch into movement






Can we create something original nowadays?


Is it really possible to create something truly original?




What is original?




There’s no outside of text




Context and translation




Translating impulse into movement




Our bodies are still shaping each other




So I am translating


Translation in action




Giving up the original


Accepting change




When does it cease being a translation


And it becomes something else entirely?


How much does it have to touch tangentially?




What’s the difference between translation and appropriation?


Is there a difference?




Translation and agency


But what is that gap?


What’s that gap between




Translation is a complex undertaking




I feel my body is interfering with my head making translation




Towards unknown




Translation is never complete


It’s an oscillation








Who is the author?








Authored by circumstance




Impulse into action










Into reflection




Providing space to thinking




Suddenly my body becomes strange to me


And I don’t know if there is tension in my leg or not


I can’t tell without shaking it




Breath turning into attention


Into movement


Into an opening and a closure


Something opens


Something closes




Becoming transparent




Touching in-between


Touching touch








What other kind of touches are there than the tangential touch?


It’s like


What’s the translation that gropes demandingly?








Does translation penetrate the original?




Could it?




Is the relationship only linear?




Yeahhh, true


The original is touching back


So-called original




When does it stop being translation?




A translation is an imagination of the original




The original of imagination of a translation




But there is the gap


It’s not the same


There is the void




Or is it just a fold?






It’s just a fold!








Mind the gap!








The evolution


The growing knowledge




As a bastard of the old and the new cross-breathing






Somewhere in translating or translation


Is the desire to meet


Or to be met


Or to find


Or to feel








Am I losing me?








I think it’s touching




But how?




In its coming about






Do others than humans translate?




Bird song translating traffic sounds?




Or imitating






What’s the difference?


It’s still a different materiality?


A different medium?




Or human language translating birds: Cuckoo!