Notes first meeting, Weitzer: 30.10.2018 - Ideas

Cicadas, Entrained Oscillators Model

  • Spatially distributed oscillator, one Microphone
  • Synchronization Phenomena
  • Phases of oscillators are shifted by the incoming Microphone signal
  • Idea: How to transpose model for musicians? Score as rule set
  • The importance of perception
  • How not to be a constructivist?
  • How not to be algorithmic?
  • Contingency added by the player/instruments/spaces/material/contexts/temperature…
  • Sensitivity
  • Transpose the model in the Frequency domain? How? Timbre (Klangfarbe)
  • Properties/Peculiarities of the various Instruments/Sound-generation
  • Mesh of rules
  • Same mode/ different Instances/realizations.
  • Identity by similar/coherent behavior
  • Think Materiality(Dinglichkeit)/Identity/Form/Stability differently, through Temporal Structuring, temporal Coherence.



  • Objecthood(Dinglichkeit)/Materiality
  • System/behavior
  • Non-algoritmicity friction in thought
  • paper?

Initial Conversation

"Sound languages"


{hhr, 190107}

  • Sporth (Paul Batchelor)
  • arrp (Jakob Leben)
  • sapf - sound as pure form (James McCartney)
  • orca (Lu Linvega)


{kind: reference, keywords: [sound, synthesis, language]}

{hhr, 190925}

{kind: reference, keywords: [sound, synthesis, language]}

{hhr, 190401}

(all by "mohayonao")

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{hhr, 190713}

{kind: reference, keywords: [sound, synthesis, language]}

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persons: [HHR, DP, LD]
function: Brainstorming
keywords: [compositional models, materiality, contingency, synchronization, language, programming languages, WRECK, DSP, sound]



{hhr, 190112}

The first is an example for creating a WebAudio patch with Rust. Unfortunately it doesn't use custom processing function, just puts together the standard WebAudio API components. And so we have the second project which is a C++ example of submitting a custom AudioWorkletProcessor ; it was working both in Firefox and Chromium for me, so perhaps the API is already stable enough to give it a try.

Meanwhile, progress is made with getting Scala Native to compile to wasm:

What I would like to figure out is if I can write an AudioWorkletProcessor function in Scala this way.

{hhr, 190116}

{kind: reference, keywords: [sound, synthesis, language]}