Reimplementing (Algorithms/Systems/Ideas/Things)

A viable strategy for understanding the algorithmic is through repeated reconfiguration, subjecting one gesture, piece, starting point, material… to multiple instantiations and implementations. This was mirrored in Luc's residency by multiple forms of implementing similar ideas using different approaches and different programming languages.

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FScape "classic" (v1) on the right, and "next" (v2), based on UGens, on the left. The UI now look very similar, except for simplifications and clean-up. The processing is very similar if not identical, but the implementation's organization and style are very different.

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Performatively, perhaps the largest difference is that in the new version, you can directly see and edit the graph formulation of the module, by clicking in the 'editor' tab. Now modules are much more open to experimentation.

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