• PQ'19 36Q Segment Collaboration

Once every 4 years, there is an International Symposium for Performance Design and Space, called the Prague Quadrennial (PQ). In 2015, I attended PQ.  At this time, I found out about the MA Scenography course in HKU.  I kept a small info bundle in the back of my mind (and email) for some time.  Then, it was such a pleasure to attend PQ again in 2019, while studying my research in Scenography, and to collaborate on a PQ project.


The PQ 36Q was an immersive piece made to depict the human circadian rhythm. 4 groups - each made of a lighting, sound and video designer - each took a segment of the circadian cycle, to last about 5 minutes.


My group was for Morning.  It was interesting to create to the feeling after 'Deep Sleep' and before 'High Function'.  Collaborating with two girls from America, we made a pallette and worked around the clock for 6 days to execute the segment.


Overall, it was a great joy to participate in this project.  I noticed the politics of power and hierarchy in some of the workings, which of course is to be expected.  It did give me a very strange feeling in the end to feel like the project was overall a giant advertisement for Rode lighting, however they are a major sponsor for one of my most favourite events, so I can understand it.


If I was to do this project again, I would have more communication before going to Prague with my group.  



It was really enjoyable to watch the former ice-rink be transformed into an immersive space complete with a huge surround speaker array - on which I worked with the lead sound operator to spatialise - and incredible lighting and video system.  There was also VR pools - taking the immersivity even further - and performing artists in the rink.  The total work of all 4 segments lasted 24 minutes - a minute for each hour of the day.  I hope some of the spectators got to experience the full run.


Images of final piece of my group Segment 2: Morning

Audio below

Image Credits: Various Artists via PQ