I had the delight to travel to Israel with a classmate, to visit the School of Visual Theatre.

We took philosophy classes, performed in the desert and discovered the huge bus shelter in Jerusalem used for various purposes but initially built as a shopping district with two levels of bomb shelter below.  The experience was immense.  I felt somewhat unnerved by the surroundings with the political history of Israel and Palestine, as my home country (both Ireland and the Netherlands) are peace-keeping, I was grateful for the opportunity to travel but I felt some pressure in the atmosphere.


In the desert, upon workshopping the topic of Autonomy, I wandered on my own for some time.


Eventually, I realised I was considering space as time - time as the autonomy of space.


My performance question:


"With the wind as a force

With no beginning and no end

When to let go?"


Balancing a rock of the desert in my fingertips, the timing of when it would fall was dependent on the passing wind. 

• Arad Desert : Ode to Time