• Immaterial Investigation : DarkLight

In considering what ‘makes’ an experience by the questions of my practice, it is evident that what is processed by physiological senses of the spectator is integral information to the overall experience: light, image, sound, movement, story.  I come to consider these immaterial elementsas a core part of my practice.  I consider this a practice of prioritizing the viscerality of the experience over the cerebral or intellectual  – that is, considering how it makes us feel before how or what it makes us think.  Then I can consider how we relate to eachother, the space and the experience… 



For the work of DarkLight, I had a period of sleeplessness at some point a while ago. I would try to sleep, and unable to, I tried to document my surroundings to attempt to share what I was feeling and where I was with my spectators.  I tried to capture this feeling of restless sleeplessness to share with my spectators…





A Poem : 


DarkLight (read L<>R or Up<>Down)
It is late                                              I feel safe                               To capture
It is dark                                            A car passes                          This feeling
The gap                                             The light                                  Tired
Between my curtain                        Fragments                             Gezellig
And the window                               Jitters                                      To stir from my bed
Is the only source                              Slice                                        To play with the night
Of light                                                Across each other                 To describe this
That spills so quietly                        An axial dialogue                   
Onto my wall                                     
From the still street lights                                                                - Sleeplessness
Of the sleepy world below

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