Indoor Sounds : 17mStudioApartment

  1. The sizzling of bacon in the pan – like lots of tiny claps or similar to rainfall in a puddle or on a wet road.  Hisses more if the pan is moved.
  2. A teaspoon in a tea glass.  Tink-tinking.
  3. The extractor fan.  Seems to have two layers.  One consistent whirr and another lower rumble within, like a rotator turning.  
  4. My bracelets of my left arm clinking together when I move – jingle, like tiny bells, or shackles.
  5. The large window giving a sharp ‘clink’ (different to the clink of no.4) when it heats up.  Must be the handle or something in the window frame.  Like a snap, or a joint popping, closer to a click of the clink-spectrum.
  6. Airflow through the vents now that the extractor fan is off. Whirring.  Like a distant hairdryer, or a much softer hairdryer. Sometimes more of a ‘whvvv’ sound, if the wind is harder outside.
  7. The beep of the induction cooker.  More of a ‘deep’ than a ‘beep’.  Same tone for every command.
  8. Food falling into a ceramic bowl as it is scraped out of a plastic bowl with a wooden spoon.
  9. Socks on the floor.  Feet not being lifted.  Scush-scush-whush.

10.The bacon in the pan now with a broth on top.  The sizzling transforms into a boil.

11.The pin in the bandage of my right hand scraping on my laptop as I type.  ‘Cuhh’.

12.The sink draining: gargles, gloops, drain slooshing.

13.The tink of the induction cooker as it heats and cools.

14.The gritty digital-esque whirr of my oldschool external harddrive – it has distinction between powering up and shutting down…

15.Risotto now sizzling in the pan. Juices of the stock lapping at the edges of the pan, vegetables softening, rice cooking…

16.The motor of the fridge kicking in to moderate the temperature of the small cabin.  A clunk to a rattle to a whirr. Something gritter happening within it – like something being scanned or two metal plates being softly rubbed together.  Not sure what that is.  It’s only when the motor turns on.

17.My knee snapping when I turn to give my attention to the induction cooker as it works away on the risotto.

18.Cupboard doors opening and closing – the hinge groaning and handle responding to tension…  MDF doors I think

19.The mirror hanging on the back of the door to a different cupboard swinging when the door is opened – banging then against the cupboard door.  A bang with a rattle.

20.The clothes horse rattling when it is moved – the metal bars ching-chinging on each other, the various foldable parts expanding and contracting momentarily – the edge of one of the corners vibrating on the door to the bathroom when it is set down.

21.My breath a little shallow then deeper when I remember it.  From sharp-ish inhales taken passively to mindful, slower, smoother inhales and exhales. Different sound through the nose and mouth.

22.Stomach gurgling.  Ready for risotto.  Something in the throat, like a frog if it would snicker sarcastically.

23.My fingers on the keys of the keyboard as I type.

24.A ‘hm’ from the guest behind me. Something intriguing on their phone. Nothing more said.  Sounds curious if conclusive.

25.The rub of skin on cotton clothes – soft, could be like a ‘shuhh’ or even similar to wind…


Outdoor Sounds : From My Rooftop

  1. The carwash nearby below – a fan, a hair-dryer like sound as a car is dried in the automatic wash.  A hose whushing against a different car in the hand-held wash booth.  Something like a ‘vrruuhhhhhhh’ – probably from the automatic booth.
  2. People playing football – inklings of Dutch language…  voices, foot hitting ball, ball hitting wall: thuds.
  3. A child crying somewhere distant.  Sounds needy, or like a cat.
  4. The motors of cars on the road nearby – different weights, speeds, tyre textures…  Variations in pressure of air whooshings.
  5. The brakes of a pushbike.  Squeaky like an old gate.
  6. A bird…  A tweeting.
  7. Pigeons walking on a tin roof.  Clink-clatter-shuffle-scratch.
  8. Rustling of new-spring leaves in gentle wind.
  9. Church bells, marking the hour.  Single note.  

10.A magpie giving a scratchy call about something.

11.Flags on the flagpoles nearby – the cables whipping the metal poles sometimes synchronously, sometimes totally randomly, sometimes with gaps of silence.

12.A car revving in the distance – sounds angsty, or bossy

13.Footsteps of someone walking passed in sneakers, slight brushes of their jeans and jacket as their limbs move

14.Someone trying to flip a skateboard – wasn't sure what it was because they aren’t trying to do it in motion, they are trying to land it from standing.  The board flips, wooden sound on the hard ground, and their feet landing next to or kind of on it.  Maybe they’ll land it soon.

15.More wood – people playing a Dutch game, like bowling except with rectangular sticks that they are trying to knock over.  Not sure of the rules.  Some grunts of success or disappointment accompanying.

16.The breeze in my ears.

17.The door to the deck opening and closing –  first the handle, then the swing open.  The door seems to wobble in the frame on closing.

18.The cockerel in the petting farm near by.  Seems happy, or chatty.

19.A moped approaching a crossing and turning away.

20.A car going over a ramp near the crossing

21.A plastic bag caught on a branch on a tree near by, rustling

22.A tin can rolling in the breeze – almost perfectly rhythmic, speeding up and slowing down again

23.An engine starting of a van below

24.Someone banging their car mats against a metal box at the carwash – dung, dung, dung, dung…

25.Pigeons walking on the roof of their koop in the property nearby below.