No Self Can Tell:

Voyages in Trans-Personal Trauma


Dr. Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano & Dr. Mark D. Price



Before the Beginning.

Pause here. For the gradient

Of silence is changing.

Pause,  to hear behind all sounds

The slope of silence deepening.

In the green wall of the forest

In the red wall of the city

Behind the wall of no-sound

Is the no-door of The Aleph.

Here, hands pause in reverence.

Here the fingers bow their heads

Into a gentle fist to nod three times upon

The threshold of The Aleph.

There is no door there is no frame.

There is no wall there is no space.

Here is NOTHING which creates

Every distinction to be made.

Lugs of the Spirit! Hear the light falling.

Lugs of the Spirit! Hear darkness falling.

Un-knowing. Knowing nothing.

The holy, silent sweep of no wing.

Black ash falling from a white winter sky

White ash rising to a black summer sky

But there is one season here, forever

Awaiting the songs of un-created birds.

Nothing is separating and connecting

The upper and the lower waters.

Separating and connecting

The Silence of Light and the Silence of Darkness.

Even the simple images

Are too noisy. Even the

Silent wisdom of the Ravens

And the innocence of the Doves

The green walls of Eden

The red walls of Hell

The walls and gates of heaven

Are exiles of the Aleph.

Truly, truly, without doubt

That above is like unto below.

And that below is like unto

That which is above.


(Mark D. Price 2020)

This project is an artistic/philosophical exploration of Ornamenting as an over-spilling, over-abundance and over-vocalization; it begins modestly, with a desire to investigate the relation between two simple notes and a space-in-between. This simple beginning is the base from which to study the 'between-worlds' of what is known and unknown, sensed and non-sensed, between reason and imagination, between self and other. It’s a bold initiative for its materialist-mysticism of the alchemists, or a 'spirituality' based in the rawest forms of empiricism. In one absolutely necessary sense, we do not know what we are doing, but we are taking the most serious risks in our attempts to 'recover' and 're-value' our personal experiences of exile and trauma.

Between what is seen and sees? Look  my dear, look close into my eyes, 

What goes on between two words? Between two letters? Between a hand and a pen? Between a paper and a pen? Between a mind and an act? Between two beings? Between two bodies? Between two souls? Between time and space? Between time/space experiences?



may happen


at  all..

NOTE to SELVES on OVER-SPILLING (or thinking/acting-in-abundance)

Something declared and manifested?

A collection presented in white rooms?

Clean and ordered inside un-dusted closets?'




What can be made of something?

What do one know of the time that will come? 
What are the fragments causing a being to inhale and exhale? 
To go on living? 
To make living happen? 
To exist? 
To continue by telling a story? 
To move into unknown relations with Others?

(Laasonen Belgrano through: Brun 2020)

(Price 2020:Butterflies)