GLORIES TO NOTHINGNESS: A Music Research Seminar honouring Accademia degli Incogniti and Claudio Monteverdi (last edited: 2020)

Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano, Päivi Järviö, Johannes Boer, Dinko Fabris, Mauro Calcagno, Björn Ross, Charulatha Mani, Elisabeth Holmertz

About this exposition

A Music Research Seminar honouring Accademia degli Incogniti and Claudio Monteverdi Palazzo Grimani, Venice 15 June 2017 Nordic Network for Early Opera and Nordic Network for Vocal Performance Research, in collaboration with Scuola di Music Antica Venezia, are delighted to invite you for a performance seminar in Venice 15 June around the theme of vocality, music drama and the vibrant intellectual / artistic scene in Venice around Monteverdi and Accademia degli Incogniti. The idea comes from a desire to offer a fringe-event / sub-encounter / prologue for (among others) participants of the two symposia co-happening in Venice 16-17 June: The Foundazione Cini conference on Monteverdi (16-17 June) and the symposia "Encounters, Discussions, Experimentations: Art, Research and Artistic Research in Music”, the Research Pavilion of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Venice Biennale 2017 (16-17 June) We are also hoping to meet anyone interested to explore the fairly new academic field of Artistic Research. Time: 15 June 2017 15:00-18:30 Venue: Palazzo Grimani, Ruga Giuffa off Campo Santa Maria Formosa, Venezia,
typeresearch exposition
keywordsMonteverdi, artistic research, accademia degli incogniti, intra-action, performative research, Venice, Venice biennale, exploratory practices, Assemblage, music, voice, vocality, Research Pavilion
last modified17/07/2020
statusin progress
share statuspublic
affiliationNordic Network for Early Opera
licenseAll rights reserved

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