K Benedikte L Esperi

Sweden °19690308
research interests: immersive theatre, public art, public realm, live art, embodied methodology, Choreography, performance, dance for screen, immersive performance, avant-garde, performance; re-enactment; landspace; site; environment;, videography, post-modern dance, improvisation and real-time composition, performance lecture, Lecture Performance, artistic research, feminism

Benedikte Esperi

Performance / Live Art / Choreography / Dance for Screen

• MFA in Contemporary Performative Arts
• Project leaderProducerCurator
 Universitetsadjunkt / Lecturer / Research

Member of professional associations Galleri 54Konstnärernas Riksorganisation KROTeaterförbundet scen & filmDanscentrum Väst DcVKonstnärscentrum Väst KcV & The Tiny Festival Producers


‘In my practice it’s about being present and curious, playing with risk and trust at the same time
mirroring not only the society but also the representation of a political body
I use my body as a tool to let the spectator interpret the world and our role within it
through performative actions’


Benedikte Esperi is an independent performance artist, choreographer, film maker, researcher, producer and curator based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Artistically she´s often referred to post-modern dance and avantgarde aesthetics. Invented the public video concept KOREOARTscape


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