Performative Well-Being: Conditions of Sharing (2018)

Alexander Komlosi

About this exposition

Since Ruukku 8 has asked us to consider “conditions of sharing”, it seems apt, and interesting, to start this exposition about the conditions of sharing of performative well-being through a dialogue with the conditions of sharing that the Ruukku 8 editors, Mika, Tero, and Leena, have offered us. Here we go!
typeresearch exposition
keywordsimprovisation, well-being, performance, performer, acting, Participatory Art, Action Research, education, pedagogy, artistic research, posthumanism, New Materialism, Foucault, pragmatism, VIDEO, sharing, conditions, practice, practice architecture
last modified29/08/2018
share statusprivate
affiliationPerforming Arts Research Center, TeaK, Uniarts
licenseAll rights reserved
published inRUUKKU - Studies in Artistic Research
portal issue8.

Simple Media

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