Contiguous (Enlightenment Panel no 1) (2024)

Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni

About this exposition

Painting, digital video with dance performance, 2010-2011. Apartment renovation in central Athens (with Sean A. Hladkyj), 2016-17. 1. What happens at the borders where two colours meet? Purposefully exposing by meticulously smudging the edges of painted surfaces shows that there is a small area at the margins that remains undecided. 2. How do we formalise external sensory information? Experimenting with painterly techniques, such as pouring paint directly onto paper and moving the paper around to apply liquid paint, for the larger painting, I methodically applied processes of rationalisation and abstraction for painting a tree branch from life. The research for the painting and the final work were produced during a painting workshop at the Slade School of Fine Art. The digital video was recorded at one of the rehearsals for a dance performance by choreographer J. Y. Corti at the London Contemporary Dance School. The title "Enlightenment Panel" comes from Peter Sloterdijk's 'Critique of Cynical Reason', published in 1983, which critically discusses philosophical and popular cynicism.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsabstraction, conceptual scheme, borders, Colour, improvisation, empire, environmentally directed beliefs, painting-as-discourse, modernism
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821069 detail1 P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
821076 detail2 P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
821084 detail3 P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
821089 detail3_ P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
829475 excerpt_contactimporovisationrehearsal P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
831157 Sketch1 P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
831158 Sketch2 P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
831159 Sketch3 P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
831162 Sketch3 P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
880869 Sketch_detail P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
884911 arrow P Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1323272 P1010207 Z. P. Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1530928 painting Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1532032 painting_ Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1532036 IMGA0499 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1532040 IMGA0496 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1532045 IMGA0503 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1532048 painting Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1532052 IMGA0502 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1532058 IMGA0504 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1532070 IMGA0501 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1533921 image Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1533923 image_ Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1533943 image___ Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1583388 20170609_125932 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1583391 20170613 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1583394 20170615 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1583396 P1010189 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1583412 P1010222 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1585008 20170616 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1585010 Interior Design Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1589357 P1010230 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
1717117 Sold Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND
2055311 The Garden at Les Lauves Creative Commons Public domain
2056244 Delaunay Creative Commons Public domain
2061816 Cezanne Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND
2069575 P1010181 Z.P.Nigianni CC BY-NC-ND

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