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{hhr, 17-Oct-2018}

Since we have talked about open source or patching into larger proprietary systems; I came across this article, which summarises many things that we had already talked about in Almat, and the understanding of the "relationality" of algorithms; so it offers a good survey of the different problems, and also proposes a couple of research methods based in coding practices, so I want to add the reference here:

  • Rob Kitchin (2017) Thinking critically about and researching algorithms, Information, Communication & Society, 20:1, 14-29, DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2016.1154087 ; PDF

{hhr, 17-Oct-2018}

Regarding 'Sphinx', I did some experiments a while ago, but then I meandered elsewhere (to edit transcripts and typographical things), but at some early point I picked up speech-to-text things it seems: Code

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{jr, 5-Nov-2018}

Macro class & additions to Document (SuperCollider): code

Synth Browser (SuperCollider): code


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