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Flow : GUI, Text, Visualisation

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This morning I was thinking of this image of when we do some work, if we were like connected in a way to the keyboard. You know, the tentacles are like connected to the machine and the eyes somehow are like tunnels going to the screen. These two things are always particularly connected, whereas the ears for example are not, because the interfaces are not meant to be heard. I was thinking about it because in the program I'm working with I have started a while ago to make sure that I can operate most of the things just with the keyboard. Although there's a classical GUI, with widgets and windows and so forth. So this thing of the flow is something that interests me a little bit also in terms of how I work in that system. I do like windowing systems, but somehow I noticed that I have implemented already many keyboard navigations that makes it possible to do many things without the hands off the keyboard. It's kind of related with writing code, obviously is the same interface in a way, even if it's just navigating objects.


For me this is actually one of the reasons why I don't use visual programming languages anymore. Because I also work like David. I short cut everything, I'm just much faster and more efficient this way. I find something like PD, for example, really sluggish. Like I feel the resistance of the system. Whereas with SC I feel much less resistance. Which is kind of interesting, you know, the GUI was invented to make the computer more usable.


Although I'm still thinking that the original idea of SC, with this whole small tallish inspector windows and all that stuff. I am always thinking that that was the correct idea somehow, that in a way you can combine both. You can say .inspect and then you have a table of all the objects, and you can have another one in parallel. The text-based interface for specific tasks I like it very much. But then sometimes I like to have different things there at the same time. Somehow I do like the combination of this idea, that something is below something. Something is on top of that and that's were you are currently. And then you close it you can back to the parent payer and so forth. So, for me is a kind of question of what can be this interface.


EQing : having a visual frequency spectrum feedback for EQing is invaluable.
Run audio throw a DAW to EQ it and then copy the parameters over to an equaliser in SuperCollider. At this point I'm thinking, well why even do that? Why not just using the DAW and SuperCollider together? And use the DAW for what the DAW is good for.


[Discussing how to integrate Reaper and SC via a class representation and OSC controls for live coding setup]

Experimentalstudio meeting, 09_10_2018

Jonathan Reus, Hanns Holger Rutz, Daniele Pozzi

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