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PRIOR (2024) Matej Hajek
PRIOR is a functional experimental installation that explores the relationship between the sensory apparatus and spatial orientation. The subject of investigation is the link between the prediction model and the sensory input of the visual apparatus. By the method of disruption of the visual apparatus, the sequence of the mechanism responsible for spatial orientation is disentangled.
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Public Positions (2024) Master Performing Public Space - David Limaverde
Public Positions - looking into the works of MA PPS artists and their Public Spaces. With this new collective online publication, MA PPS curates past and current alumni artistic research processes and practices that encapsulate references and positions of public space discourse. The publication serves as documentation of artists who developed (part of) their research together with the programme, and that shares their valuable contribution to the field of Performing Public Space.
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Archiving with Bare Feet (2024) Adesola Akinleye
This is an archiving project initiated by Siobhan Davies Studios, UK. The Archiving of the performance work "Truth and Transparency" Questions what it means to archive dance as well as what happens when a dance is archived acknowledging that some types of choreographers' work have historically been archived while other types of choreographers have not. What does it do to a dance and choreographer to be archived? This project is also interested in the changes in the creative process of performing the dance which was first choreographed in 2007 and is now being given new life through this archiving project. Truth & Transparency (2007): a performance work for three (two performers and one dancer manipulating projected image onto the performance space using a mirror). The work was inspired by Ralph Ellison’s ‘Invisible Man’ and Adesola’s reflections on bringing up their own children as two masculine presenting Black youth at the time. The piece researched Step and Crumping dance forms as well as foreshadowed new technology using projection in real-time to manipulate the audience’s perception of dancers and space.
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Örat nära munnen: samtal mellan film och filosofi (2024) Marius Dybwad Brandrud
This PhD project is a study in and through filmic conversations. The project addresses the role of conversation in philosophy education. While philosophy often is manifested in individually written form, this is a study of how filmic conversation can act as philosophical expression, mainly based on the film "Samtal om samtal" which is the principal material of this PhD project. The film begins by addressing the manner of which we speak to one another in a seminar; and by extension how that manner decides which philosophy is at all made possible: Who is speaking and who is listening? Whose experiences count and whose ideas are welcome? Yet, conversation is not only of interest as practice but also as expression. Sometimes something is said through/as conversation that could not have been expressed in any other form. What would happen if conversation, as a communal way of saying things, would constitute a form of philosophical expression in its own right, on par with the individually written text? What form would such an expression be allowed to take? Could philosophy be expressed through the medium of film? In and through the filmic conversation of this study, these queries also lead on to issues of representation and responsibility: What signifies the practice of making a film about or with someone? How are those involved in a film project affected, and how can the film act (in the world) independently? How could responsibility be understood in the process of making a film and regarding the final result? In addition to "Samtal om samtal", the text "Eftertext" is submitted. The text further explores the previously mentioned questions, but adds another layer in commenting on the filmic work of "Samtal om samtal". "Eftertext" also refers to the films "Ett jag som säger vi" and "Rehearsals", as well as the document "Transkription". These works are included as appendices, forming sub studies in the process of making "Samtal om samtal".
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Home page JSS (2024) Journal of Sonic Studies
Home page of the Journal of Sonic Studies
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Beyond Words: Transformations of 'Hamlet' (2024) Eliana Polvere
This paper proposes a reworking of scenes 4 and 5 from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" through an interdisciplinary approach combining textual analysis and artistic production. The investigation begins with an analysis of key words extracted from the original text, conducted through the use of the AI KOBI platform. The reflections and suggestions that emerged from this phase played a key role in inspiring my creative process. The paper follows the research journey from its initial stage to its development and conclusion. The research culminates in the creation of a series photographic images transforming the concepts explored.
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