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Illuminating the Non-Representable (2022) Hilde Kramer
Illustration as research from within the field is of relatively new practice. The illustrators discourse on representation (Yannicopoulou & Alaca, 2018 ), theory (Male, 2017), and critical writing on illustration practice was hardly found until The Journal of Illustration was first issued in 2014, followed by artistic research through illustration (Black, 2014; Rysjedal, 2019; Spicer, 2019). The History of Illustration was published recently (Doyle, Grove, & Sherman, 2018). The research topic developed as response to a rise in hate crime towards refugees and the targeting of European Jews in recent decade. A pilot project (This Is a Human Being 2016-2019) treated how narratives of the Holocaust may avoid contributing to overwriting of history or cultural appropriation. Asking how illustration in an expanded approach may communicate profound human issues typically considered unrepresentable, this new project hopes to explore representation and the narratives of “us” and “the others” in the contemporary world through illustration as starting-point for cross-disciplinary projects. The participants from different disciplines, will interact democratically on a common humanist themes in order to explore the transformative role of illustration in contemporary communication. Projects developed should afford contemplation of illustration as an enhanced, decelerated way of looking; and drawing as a process for understanding - a way of engaging in understanding the other, as much as expressing one’s own needs (McCartney, 2016). This AR project consists of three symposia and three work packages, and the artistic research unfolds in the symbiosis of these elements. The planned output is the investigation of illustration across media and materials.
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B.O.D.Y. - Between auditory fiction and body-reality (2022) Erika Matsunami
The exposition "B.O.D.Y. – Between auditory fiction and body-reality" is a summary of my project `B.O.D.Y. 2010´, which was represented from 2009 (ground work) until 2012 and includes theory, artistic practise, procedure, realisation, representation and perception. Thereby, the theories refer to my artworks and are summed up my artistic thesis. The artworks in this exposition are related to the theses of the academic and scientific fields. The artistic research for the audio and visual works is based on the project `B.O.D.Y. 2010´. This project is an intermedia project; it uses media such as photography and drawing, photography and sound installation, and music (sound/sonority/noise) and drawing. The research field is interdisciplinary in visual arts and music within the expanded scope of the transdisciplinary approach. In the project B.O.D.Y., I used the time-based mediums of sound and performance which are the mixing layers of design, happening and performing. The act, as well as performance, is conceptual and improvisational which evokes, in contrast, the connotation of the objects with the body in real-time. In the space design for the installation and performance, the horizontal dimension of this installation is variable. Each exhibition space of the installation and performance will be re-designed by the cross-disciplinary approach in the art such as in the representation's concept and artistic approaches. This digital exposition is likewise a part of the concept and contemplation for the art book B.O.D.Y. about the conceptualisation for a multimedia art book design with intermedia artwork. (Human studies in the keywords is not the area of studies such as human science.)
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Untitled* [version-copy for maintenance] (2022) Erika Matsunami
Untitled* is practise-based artistic research, which is the exploration of geometry in drawing, notaion and sound composition (virtuality) and spatial installation and performance (physicality). Its spatiality will explore in the context of visual arts and architecture in terms of the cross-disciplinary between Music and visual arts, that is through an intervention between two disciplines of visual arts and music towards architecture (design) methodically.
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Back to Present (2022) Thalia Hoffman
Back to Present discusses the themes, filming structure, and editing process of the short film A Day Becomes (2018). The film is part of Guava, a platform for art-actions that promotes the idea of free movement and the removal of borders east of the Mediterranean. In this exposition and in making the film, I explore the possibilities of political imagination regarding regional movement across borders in relation to the phenomenon of Time. The exposition has two parts. The first, entitled Here, unfolds around discussion about the landscape; the second, called Now, suggests that how time is experienced can affect how one experiences one’s surroundings. The form of the texts correlates to the content, form, and making of the film. The film making text is set in the center of the exposition, and the other discussions push themselves in and spread over the page. Like the text, the film’s continuous timeline is dense and loaded with plural repetitions and conversations. The interlaced reflections and commentaries that characterize the text echo Yousef’s layered performance of time in the film. With its layout and content, the exposition explores the film’s structure and embodied experience of the landscape through time: it is a way to rethink and re-feel the Here of this region through the lingering Now of the film. This exposition was developed from my PhD thesis at the PhDArts program, Leiden University
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A to Z: Visualising Every Word in the Dictionary in Alphabetical Order (2022) Dave Ball
This exposition focuses on my 35-year-long project to visualise every word in the Concise Oxford English Dictionary in alphabetical order, A to Z. Begun in 2011, the point of departure here is a particular moment in the unfolding of the project: the recent completion of the final D-word, “dystopia”. A to Z is premised upon the carrying out of a defined conceptual rule: a “tactically absurd” commitment to a lifetime of artistic effort, whose ostensible folly gives rise to an ever-expanding body of work that appears arbitrary, unwarranted, and nonsensical, but which, through its playful insistence, might also be understood as operating in a new and alternative realm of sense.
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I'll make a sweater out of this, I swear (2022) Hubert Thériault
This exhibition is a collection of the past work leading to Hubert's latest movement research: “I’ll make a sweater out of this, I swear”. His researches are centered around entanglement and the diffraction of Quebec’s colonial history as well as the navigation in familial lineage. This exhibition shows the process of unbecoming and of mixing and knitting oneself with others’ tread.
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