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IRA creación (2021) Laisvie Andrea Ochoa Gaevska
IRA es el proyecto de creación en el que la compañía de danza inclusiva ConCuerpos se embarca en el 2021 gracias a la invitación de co-producción del Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo. Se trata de una pieza a modo de tríptico que aborda el tema de la ira como sentimiento que surge frente a la injusticia y que tiene el potencial de ser transformador social. Tres coreógrafas, dos nacionales y una internacional, presentan su propia perspectiva frente a preguntas como ¿dónde habitan las diferentes expresiones de la ira en el cuerpo?, ¿de dónde surge y cómo se transforma este sentimiento?, ¿qué puede movilizar la ira más allá de la destrucción?, ¿es la ira parte de nuestra identidad sentimental como colombianos y colombianas? Si bien la obra se compone de tres piezas, en su conjunto desarrolla un lenguaje artístico basado en la noción de Accesibilidad Universal.
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Silence surrounds us, silence around us – On creativity in communication (2021) Erika Matsunami
Silence surrounds us, silence around us – On creativity in communication is pre-artistic research for Green x (2022 –). Is language the tool? If it is yes, what kind of tool is the language? Through the language, what can we produce and provide? Thereby, I address the topic of creativity in communication in reading silently, speech, and listening. On creativity in communication is a play to draw models. Thereby the leitmotif is "reading". Critical seeing in a model on reading subjectivity and objectivity at the online artistic representational level, Question for on creativity The research objective(s) is a future idea for physical space and its mobility within virtual space (potentiality) for a new type of idea for notation between tradition and modernity. In this aspect, towards international communication gaps between tradition and modernity, DADA solved the issue of communication and explored a new way of communication, that was not a philosophical metaphor, but rather that consisted of semiotics and semantics in the context of design, was creative. – New visual and auditory codes. Thereby I deal with “Tractatus” - logico of philosophicus, that is a logic of nonsense by Wittgenstein in the theme of space, body and time.
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Silence surrounds us, silence around us - X (2021) Erika Matsunami
This artistic research "Silence surrounds us, silence around us" was started in 2020 after the corona pandemic. "X" is a new beginning of artistic research in the research series "Silence surrounds us, silence around us". I continuously explore the research method of "work in progress" in artistic research from the perspective of biology. (For a new geometry and a new topology in the arts, in the 21st century) Transdisciplinary artistic research in the visual arts with architecture and music, with regard to transversal aesthetics. Keyword "Ageing" in this artistic research is philosophical consideration. For instance, "capital" in Marx's theory, "immateriality" and "materiality" in capitalism, how is "Ageing" viewed? What gaps between cultural mentality and social condition? What role can art play in answering these questions? Therefore, my attempt in artistic research is through string theory as well as Einstein's special relativity theory in the 21st century, to explore the new value (as well as, quantum) of ageing towards capitalism of all democratic social systems and their ideologies for something new.
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Composing the Field of Dwelling: An Autoethnography on Listening in the Home (2021) Iain Findlay-Walsh
06:17 030420 the pressures acting upon and within this place are intensified by lockdown the kids are driving me up the wall the inverse of social distancing is social compression home becomes hyper-relational implosion while the quiet streets outside fill with birdsong and an apocalyptic politics morphs and grows somewhere far away right here under my nose This article unfolds as a story of listening and sounding in the home I share with my partner and two primary school-aged children in Glasgow during the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a practicing sound artist, I have spent a lot of time listening to and through everyday spaces, and during the COVID-19 pandemic I have been considering the usefulness of this critical listening as a basis for dealing with the new situation of living inside. If sonic practice can attune people to the social, environmental, material, technological, and political dynamics of their world, then what can be learned, and what new capacities can be developed and shared, through an engaged practice of listening in the home under lockdown? Combining diarized notes, storied reflections, first-person field recordings (Findlay-Walsh 2019), theoretical discussion and analysis, this textual and sonic autoethnography presents and discusses my efforts to develop a critical practice of listening as the form and function of this home changes during lockdown. Connecting Pauline Oliveros, Hildegard Westerkamp, and Salomé Voegelin’s generative listening practices, Tim Ingold’s “dwelling as building;” Sara Ahmed’s embodied “orientation;” Jean-Luc Guionnet et al., George Lewis and Alexander I. Davidson’s improvisation as radical sociality; and Stacey Holman Jones, bell hooks, and Peter Gouzouasis et al.’s spaces of (self-)critical pedagogy, I trace this developing practice as a basis for regenerating and inhabiting domestic space as co-composed music.
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