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A/R/Tography in Theory (2023) Guro Kristin Gjøsdal
Guro Kristin Gjøsdal, A/R/Tography in Theory and Practice in Higher Education (Stockholms konstnärliga högskola, Sweden, autumn 2023). The exposition waves around an interview with Christine Yanco Helland (OsloMet), which is exploring and articulating how she carry out her entangled practice as artist/researcher/teacher. The presentation uses relevant literature to think with. Christine Yangco Helland is an educated drama teacher, director, and dramaturg, with a master’s degree in fine arts with specialisation in theatre from the University of Agder, Norway. Helland has a burning commitment to diversity and inclusion. In addition to working with professional productions, Helland is motivated by involving children and young people, non-professional, and marginalised groups. The exhibition and the interview uses rhizomatic thinking. And so does my own work and production within the methodology and thematics. The work is in progress and will be completed in spring 2024.
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Between Freedom and Fixity: Artistic Reflections on Composition and Improvisation (2023) Ilya Ziblat Shay
Between Freedom and Fixity: Artistic Reflections on Composition and Improvisation is a practice-based research project that aims to highlight the role of freedom and fixity in music and to develop a discourse based on these two concepts. The research suggests a creative approach based on the interrelationship between freedom and fixity, for example their combination, juxtaposition, and tension, and describes them as abstractions or placeholders for musical agents such as rhythm, notes, structure, timeline, and interactive computer systems. Another important notion is the inherent coexistence of the two concepts, and proposing the constant oscillating between them as a creative musical approach. Furthermore, the research aims to establish the use of freedom and fixity as a productive paths for extra-musical disciplines. Four works by the author are used as case studies to examine the integration of the research concepts as tangible musical forms. In each of the case studies freedom and fixity are embodied differently, and the relationships between them develop into distinct paths. This study relies on the author’s experience and experimentation as a composer, performer, improviser, and electronic-music practitioner, and draws inspiration from works by other musicians and scholars.
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Home page JSS (2023) Journal of Sonic Studies
Home page of the Journal of Sonic Studies
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Ko. Fluid Practices. (2023) Sergio Patricio
Ko = water in Mapundungun (Mapuche language). The reflection revolves around how we divide the waters in time-based media practices in the current context of environmental emergency + war. The analysis begins inspired by the Mapuche people about interconnectedness with rivers and lakes, raising a question about art practices today. Ko's idea is based on how water flows from the sides (positions, political strategies, visions) and divides territories. How to make performance art sustainable? To answer this question, a capsule is presented around the ecology of time-based media as a fluid art practice. To understand in three steps this observation selected exponents from around the world and Austria helps to make a final selection of three performance artists living and working in Vienna, observed as different currents of one sea with leitmotiv and policy paths. The aim is to use this classification to speculate on how they could improve sustainability in the next decade. Ko speculates on how practices use these territories divided as a sea with currents. Where bodies could achieve the awareness needed especially in terms of water crisis scarcity and safe access. The final thought claims attention to fluid thinking to find solutions and build a sustainable community.
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The weft. Time-based media arts and cross-art practices. (2023) Sergio Patricio
The weft is an article that requests to hold time and attention about time-based art practices, especially the ones that rely on time as a medium with the usage of technology and multimedia formats to be presented live in the case of performance art, for example. The article is more than a dialogue of a theory, it is a speculation about the future of these practices in terms of cultural impact and sustainability. The questions and speculations posed a question about the status of these practices within the facilitation in educators and practitioners related to Time.
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