The Research Catalogue (RC) is a non-commercial, collaboration and publishing platform for artistic research provided by the Society for Artistic Research. The RC is free to use for artists and researchers. It serves also as a backbone for teaching purposes, student assessment, peer review workflows and research funding administration. It strives to be an open space for experimentation and exchange.

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Enantiomorph Study (2024) Hanns Holger Rutz, Nayari Castillo-Rutz, Emma Luke
Work-in-progress for the development of a sensorial piece, first explored during the workshop Augmented Attention Lab.
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Drawing Beyond the plane: Exploring Right-Angled Triangles in Spherical Geometry (2024) DrawinU
"Could there be a spherical version of the theorem, preserving the geometric spirit in terms of area relationships?" Drawing as a practical and insightful approach to measurement through drawing of Spherical and Euclidean plane geometry.
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Walking As Practice WAP23 (2024) WAP
WALKING AS PRACTICE WAP23 was a process-based residency during September-November 2023, where artists using walking as a method delved into each others’ knowledges and things they encountered together at BKN, the Northern Stockholm Archipelago in Sweden. Fieldworks, share sessions and seminars were created jointly to locate and entangle structures, narratives and themes for walking. The residency formed a transformative, dynamic space for art that engaged with life and nature towards critical and poetic explorations, influenced by the immediate surroundings: the forest, lakes, sea and people living in the rural area. Processing how walking is interlocked in our artistic practices, this exposition represents a gathering of texts, visuals and audio from the walking art residency. The selected artists contributed with interdisciplinary practices, primarily drawing, photography, video, performance and dance. They worked both individually, in spontaneous constellations and in group sessions. The dissemination of the program took place in share sessions upon arrival of new artists - including dinners, open studios, walks, workshops etc. In addition, as the program unfolded, each artist developed their own exposition.
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Reconfiguring the Landscape in Greenwich (2024) Natasha Barrett
In 2022, the SOUND/IMAGE Research Group at the University of Greenwich hosted one of the Reconfiguring the Landscape international workshops. Unlike previous workshops, we decided to split the work over two periods. The first period was from the 17th to the 24th of July, and the second was from the 25th to the 27th of October. During the first period, members of the artistic team were joined by members of the SOUND/IMAGE Research Group to investigate several historic sites in Greenwich. In the second period, the artistic team performed an outdoor concert in Greenwich Market. The work was carried out in collaboration with researchers Brona Martin, Emma Margetson, and Angela McArthur.
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Reconfiguring the Landscape CD (2024) Natasha Barrett
The Reconfiguring the Landscape documentation CD focused on the public space outdoor sound installations that Natasha Barrett had created during each year of the project and marking new phases in the work addressing urban noise with 3D sound.
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Sound Worlds (2024) Natasha Barrett
As a final conclusion to the research project three of the five outdoor sound installations were remixed for an indoor exhibition space as a multi-part work called “Sound Worlds.” The sound exposition was installed in the Foredragsale at the Old Munch Museum in Oslo - a 21x18 meters space with a high ceiling. The exhibition was open to the public from the 24th to the 26th of October 2023.
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