I compose sound works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, solos, and electronics. I am passionate about interweaving acoustic sounds with electronic ones, as this combination provokes, enriches, but also frees my musical imagination. In my compositions, I explore every sound detail through the magnifying glass, focusing especially on the timbral qualities of pitch, microscopic sound abilities, and microtonal deviations.


To create my works, I experiment with the inner components of spectra, transform their sonic identity, and manipulate the perception of time. By analyzing the inner life of a single pitch, I continuously investigate the potential of different musical scales and tunings, searching for nuances and innovative attributes.


Through my music, I want to draw a metaphor for occurrences, accidents, and issues significant in everyday life. Emphasizing the importance of gender equality, sharing the admiration for the cultural legacy of one’s country of origin, respecting nature and promoting environmental awareness, or bringing attention to the culture of active listening are some of the crucial topics that I want to engage my listener with.  In my opinion, each composition is an independent short story that exists in a series of chapters in our book of life. I write what is to follow.

I Artist Statement