With steady painful clanking

I am all ears

Breathing every day

In the infra frequencies

Covered in noises of reality

Of myself


This symphony does not stop

The needle relentlessly shuffles

Am I ending now?

Or my hearing falls apart?

Or the world forbids the calm?


With whistle Rasping Grumble Screech

Evil whispers of unrest

Drown me be all ears


A letter with a letter do not comply with norms

Putting the synapses into motion, like a storm

Before you notice their wavy figure, wisdom’s sense

The words disperse with procession’s pliant forms



That is nothing.

I am in the multiplicity

Of the unextracted

Drop of time.


Melting and merging

Well, the never ending process

Mother Nature does not predict the stops.


So much?

VIII Video Reflections 



These are the impressions created over reflecting on my own compositional works. They take the form of five short videos dedicated to each composition I made during this year. The video contains a commentary in the form of sound, picture, and text combined in one. The poems – a text component of this form – are spontaneously created in Polish original, thoughts on music and not only.


The poem translations to English are of my own authorship.


Passaggio. Phantom


I stroll through the corridors of sounds

Slides, glissandos and phantoms

Of lucid harmonic shade

Humming with satisfaction

The ideal paths of notes


The road before me stretches

Into the endless space

Of imagination stroke


With murmuring wood

Purring words

I follow the unknown

Isorropia. In search of balance


Through the pieces of a second

Flashes of sound

The balance pours out on the scale

Of portato shredded



It did not ask for manifesto

In whisper crying

And the silent scream vibrates in the empty space

Of unwillingly closed hearts


Through the glimpses of a second

The hope remains adamant

And the fully stretched wings of the revolution

Blurred with noise