The "Timbral Microperspectives" Project is realized under the scholarship of

the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.


This project also could not have been realized if not for the generous support of:


-       my husband Idin Samimi Mofakham, who always was there for me, when I felt lost in words and sounds, willingly served me with constructive advice and helped with overcoming all difficulties in preparing this artistic research;


-       my mother Beata Kosecka, who was always there to listen and cheer me up and helped me dearly with preparing the Polish translations of all articles;


-       Norwegian Center for Technology and Music NOTAM in Oslo, a safe harbor during the times of pandemic, where I could use the studio for spatial audio design and develop my electroacoustic projects;


-       the performers of my compositions: prof. Lech Bałaban, Martyna Zakrzewska, Barbara Mglej, Paulina Woś-Gucik, Aleksandra Gołaj, Alena Budziňáková-Palus, for their effort and passion for performing and supporting my music;


-       the performers, supporters, and contributors to this research: guitarist Nico Couck and composer Bálint Laczkó, for their advice during the technical development of certain compositions.