Trygve Ohren

FRAMEWORKS - participatory initiative / RAMMEVERK - deltagende initiativer 

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU),  Department of Architecture and Planning

Different forms of collaboration characterize my practice. I work with long processes, projects that extend over several year. The projects are often based on an interest in place, local resources and social contexts. Within the given framework of the projects, social and environmental issues are often given focus.


Through my curatorial and architectural practice, I will investigate how site-specific frameworks for architecture and site development can be used as a basis for open processes. For the last few years I have worked with open processes, by setting up projects where uncertainty takes place within given frames. The uncertainty gives room for spontaneous involvement and initiatives. Through architectural interventions, art projects and resident initiatives, I will create spaces of opportunity where uncertainty can exist. By exploring different roles as architect and curator, I will, in collaboration with others involved, create the frames for projects that investigate specific places and situations. The overall project will look into how site-specific artistic and architectural interventions can be catalysts for long-term processes in a place. Is it possible to use interventions as a basis for planning and at the same time retain the open process and the opportunities that it creates?

Trygve Ohren (1983) lives and works in Åneby, Hakadal. He has his MA in architecture from NTNU. Since 2010 Ohren has been collaborating with artist Charlotte Rostad on various projects, among them RAKE visningsrom (2011-2019) a project space for art and architecture in Trondheim. In addition Ohren is one of the founding partners of Nøysom arkitekter - most known for an experimental self build project at Svartlamon in Trondheim (2013 - 2017). Trygve Startet his PhD in October 2022 at the institute of architecture and planning at NTNU




Artistic Research Spring Forum 2024

1st year presentation

I will present the processes and project that I am currently dealing with, but also reflect on some previous project. I would like to discuss methods and share some of my ongoing reflections. I will focus on the different roles I take on in these processes and argue that the architectural field lacks support systems and critical infrastructure to help build and sustain practices in the periphery of the field. Rounding up I touch upon how my research project can contribute to a better understanding of such an infrastructure.