Egil Kalman

Folk Music in Slow Motion: Idiomatic material slowed down and zoomed in for modular synthesizer

University of Agder, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Popular Music

Folk music in slow motion is a project that explores the use of minimalist compositional techniques for interpreting traditional folk music from Sweden and Norway on modular synthesizer, both as a live solo instrument and in small ensemble settings. 

By zooming in on idiomatic details of tuning, phrasing, and groove, and placing them in a different sonic environment over extended time-periods, my aim is to highlight the underlying transcendental possibilities of this music. 

Following are some of the results so far in the project (published on YouTube):

A solo version of ‘Norafjells’ from the practice room
My own composition played on a ‘Synthi 100’ in Athens
A duo concert with fiddler Hans P. Kjorstad

Egil Kalman is a Swedish musician primarily playing double bass and modular synthesizer. 


Besides his solo work he is also active in several groups such as: Miman, Marthe Lea Band and in duos with Zoe Efstathiou and Fredrik Rasten. 




Artistic Research Autumn Forum 2023

The presentation will go into some of the musical results and insights so far in the project, as well as opening up for discussion around how I best can communicate these, which is something that I’m currently trying to figure out. 



Artistic Research Spring Forum 2023

An introduction to my project which attempts to interpret Scandinavian folk music on modular synth using minimalist compositional techniques. I will explain my general approach, a few different techniques, and some musical examples of their implementation. I will also discuss my peers and inspirations for the project.