Mette Rasmussen

Composing (A new mindset)

NTNU, Department of Music

My artistic PhD project is based on exploring composition for ensembles that are mainly rooted in free improvisation. My goal is to find my own voice as a composer, by exploring my own personal inspirational triggers, such as; customised graphic notation, exploration of texture, small and large ensembles, use of cross genres, use of electro acoustic elements. In parts of my work I will be researching a texture based approach to composition, the emphasis on textures consisting of layers/blocks of material, based in timbre and extended technique. Aiming to seek out a new sound world, based on texture as a compositional tool. Blurring the distinction between timbre and harmony. Not unlike the mindset of spectral composers.

I will be studying different source materials to seek out knowledge, such as instrument notation, text scores, graphic scores and works by different composers, one beeing Edgard Varese, which emphasizes timbre and rhythm, who also coined the term "organized sound" in reference to his own musical aesthetic.

My visual perception on texture is 3 dimensional:My work will explore sound as textural 3D layers, and I am interested in how we perceive sound, and wish to explore this further. In doing so, I will reflect on how phenomenology deliberately can be used and affect how we listen and perceive sound, in situations where I aim to use scenography or sudden dramaturgy in the shape of a concert.