Fredrik Dahle Vedholm

The audiences self-reflection. Time, rhythm and tempo in documentary filmmaking

University of Stavanger, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Media and Social Sciences

I am mainly interested in the storytelling aspects of documentary films. I believe it is my goal as a director that my audience create an emotional bond with the main character of my documentaries. They must become engrossed in the story, in such a way that they project parts of themselves into my main characters. To help with that, I want to experiment with timing, rhythm and tempo in a new documentary.

I have experienced audiences holding their breath because there are no pauses in a documentary. If we add times for self-reflection, use silence and more time than what is the usual norm. Will the audience move their thoughts inward? Will the documentary have a greater emotional impact on them?


Fredrik Dahle Vedholm (1988) has a bachelor’s degree from NTNU, and a master’s degree from UiS. He has worked for 5 years as a freelance documentary filmmaker in Stavanger before joining UiS phd in artistic research on Documentary filmmaking. He has an observatory style, following characters in tough life positions for longer periods of time. Examples of work Mere min (2017) and View (2019).