Isa Katharina Gericke


Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Academy of Opera

My name is Isa Katharina Gericke.

I am a classical singer, soprano singing recitals, concerts and opera, I am also an artistic

leader of the classical music festival Glogerfestspillene in Kongsberg.

For the time being I am also a research fellow at the

National Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Opera department.


In my PhD-Project in artistic research I am looking closer at the song recital, a certain genre and music form in classical singing. I want to find and give new insight to the song recital its selves, and furthermore I want to see how the opera performance and the song recital can enrich each other more: 


1.  1. Which elements from the extroverted music theater can give me more tools for a deeper insight and understanding in the work with, and in the performance and interpretation of the introverted song recital? How can this influence the expression and form of the song recital?


And most important:

2.   2. What can the work on Art songs/Lieder and a song recital give back to the art of opera? Can the small format play the role of "educator" vocally, dramaturgically, textually, narratively, and conceptually?

Elements from the extroverted opera and music theatre can strengthen the narratives that unfold in the intimate, more introverted song recital. In the same way, working with Art songs and song recitals can give the opera singer new insight, security and ownership of their own artistic voice and identity.


Method/Working procedure:

Through my own singing and through a wide range of different laboratories with various directors, actors, composers, poets, language consultants, phoneticians, choreographers, and reference groups, it will end up in concert performances as a result of continuous analyzing and reflection work.


Isa Katharina Gericke is a versatile soprano in concert, chamber music and opera. The repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary. With a particular fondness for Lieder and romanser, she has made a name for herself with her self-written concert performances about historical singers. In the cabaret "Frauen sind keine Engel" with music from 1930s and 40s Berlin, she shows completely different sides. Isa is a sought-after soloist, moderator and presenter in various concepts built around classical music. Since the start in 2002, she has been the artistic director of the classical music festival Glogerfestspillene in Kongsberg, and in autumn 2022 she started her PhD in artistic research at Oslo national Academy of the Arts (KhiO).



Artistic Research Spring Forum 2024

1st presentation

During the Artistic Research Spring Forum 2024 I will give my first presentation of the project. Since I am in my second year of the PhD-program I will give a short introduction to the project, the artistic ideas und the procedures that are planned and that have been done. I will contextualize the project and give my thoughts on how this can contribute to the field internationally.


The presentation its selves, and dialogue with other research fellows allows me to reflect on method, procedures, and different challenges in the project.