Stephan Meidell


University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, The Grieg Academy - Department of Music

In "Sound~Currents" I employ improvisation in electro-acoustic music-making – musicking – through a methodology of resonance, vibration and transduction. I explore how resonance, technologically engendered through vibrational transduction, unveils other pathways to co-creation and alternative modes of listening – providing an expansion and diversification of current improvisational music practice.

Mounting transducer speakers/microphones inside musical instruments in ensembles, the sounds from one can vibrate the surfaces, membranes, and strings of the other. This practice opens the possibility of "sounding through" and "playing" the other and establishing a new interwoven sound ~ relational ecology. As electronic tools tease out potentials residing in the acoustic, they become intermingled, co-dependent, and intensified.

Sound~Currents challenges historically conventional practices within improvised music-making vis-à-vis sense-perception, meaning-making, and potentials residing within acoustic instruments. 

Stephan Meidell is a musician-composers, employing improvisation in a wide variety of genres and art disciplines. In addition to playing concerts, he frequently collaborates with dancers, poets, performance artists, video artists, actors, and robotic instruments. He has an extensive discography, most notably with his own project Metrics and TRIGGER, with Strings & Timpani and Erlend Apneseth Trio.



Artistic Research Spring Forum 2023

At the ARF spring forum presentation, I will explore ways of communicating complexities in my project through practical experiments diffracted through ideas from contemporary philosophy and sociology.