Marieke Verbiesen

Responsive Playgrounds

University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, Department of Design

Marieke´s artistic practice is concerned with the development of responsive, interactive installations, based on visual interpretations of digital entities that came to life in a binary environment. These include elements such as computer games, data generated landscapes and science fiction phenomena, visually translated to physical installations that reference their digital origins.


In her research, she tries to include visual traces of the operational process, where both process and end result can be seen simultaneously, visualising the process that previously only existed behind the screens.


This process is enhanced through novel interfaces and methods for experimental interaction, mechanics and gameplay, which lie at the core for the audience to explore, and form the catalysts for setting these works in motion.


Her research is concerned with the conceptual development of environments that embody these principles.


Informed by the research question: how can a responsive environment change its narrative and mechanics by being informed by external sources of real-time data?


This question serves as a framework as the interdisciplinary research  progresses through a range of interconnected activities, engaging in the creation of  experimental prototypes where interactive environments will be inherently exposed to realtime changes. How these sources of information can be used to create new mechanics, characters, methods of gameplay or interfaces in itself.

How can real-time external data form a pivotal mechanic in the the environment that users interact with, and thereby enhance their experience? How can unpredictability of these external sources of realtime data form a central engine based on these parameters?


Marieke Verbiesen is a research fellow at KMD, Institute for Design. She holds an MFA from Frank Mohr Institute Groningen, Interactive Media Environments. 

She creates interactive installations and performances using experimental animation, exhibited and screened at various festivals, museums, cinema ́s, artspaces, galleries and public spaces since 2003.

Her crossdiciplinairy works can be best described as a fused output of various media, often resulting in lifesize installations that combine cinema, sculpture and interactivity.

In the years prior to her PHD, Marieke has given presentations, performances & talks at the Hiroshima Animation Festival (JP) Montreal Museum for Modern Art (CAN) Northwest Filmcentre in Portland (USA) Superdeluxe Tokyo(JP), Transmediale Berlin(DE) BFI Londen (UK) Nikolaj Kunsthal (DK) Kino Kino (NO) & the Museum for Moving Image (USA).



Artistic Research Spring Forum 2024

1st presentation