Frederick Howard

Creating the Creatives

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Norwegian Film School

Are you interested in the inner workings of the film industry and the evolving role of producers in creating multidisciplinary, market-integrated productions?As an experienced film producer with a passion for exploring the creative and organizational aspects of film production, I offer a unique and personal perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by producers in the European film industry.

Through critical reflections of my own experiences and in-depth interviews with top-tier creatives, I explore the shifting balance in the producer's role between a facilitator and a more actively creative and responsible concept creator. I also delve into the multifaceted and complex responsibilities of the producer, including developing and financing a film project, overseeing production, and managing sales and distribution.

My research emphasizes the importance of understanding the creative aspects of filmmaking, strong organizational and leadership skills, and the ability to adapt and problem-solve as challenges arise in order to succeed in this role. Additionally, I examine the producer's creative capacity in managing and creating intellectual properties, as well as the role of finance strategies, genre, and target audience in shaping the producer's vision.

My research will be accessible to a broad audience in the creative industries, providing a philosophical and artistic reflection on the inner workings of the film industry. The three works I will be focusing on include Three Wishes for Cinderella (2021), The Dragon Girl (2020), and Viking Skool (2022), along with several other works produced in the period.

If you are interested in gaining a practical guide to the inner workings of creative collaboration in the film industry, join me in exploring the evolving role of producers in creating successful, multidisciplinary, and market-integrated productions.